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"If we don't allow ourselves to get to that place where vulnerability takes over, we will never grow as individuals."


Makayla is a Rocky Mountain School of Photography grad since Fall of 2015, and now teaches Intro to Creative Video for the School. She is currently working as a freelance photographer, videographer, writer, and model.  She has also been an Athlete for The North Face and Bob Wards Sports and Outdoors, while being RMSP's lead videographer since Summer of 2016. Makayla is based in central Montana, and captures the real moments of adventure/lifestyle photography and videography. 

Dear Websurfer,

I'm 22 and very saturated in my work. Whether it's commercial, documentary, or a personal project, I love to share stories along with my photos-  I've always felt a connection between literature and photographs. It's definitly been a journey to discover that, but worth every second. In my portfolio, you will read a lyrical short that I wrote on location that coexistes with the gallery besides it. All the portraits you see of me, are all self portraits or team captures.

Nostalgia and moment driven for sure, down to the colors I choose. It's all intentional. If interested in following my photoshoots and everyday adventures, check out my Travels of My Youth blog to see what I've been up too!

Lasts words- 

Photography allows me to be myself. It allows me to capture real and defining moments in my life, and in others.




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