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Fresh Start

Photo by Brian Powers


As most photographers would say, we all know what we are doing.

This is definitely not true.

I say this because I figured out work comes and goes, and nothing is ever stagnant. I find myself confused at the thought of how to start or even run a business. I even sometimes stumble explaining how metering works to people. But, as I learned at RMSP, nobody really knows what the heck they are doing, but you do it and keep moving forward. They say learn as you go, put one foot ahead of the other, and so on and so forth. People say there are secret formulas to success but of course, I have a hard time believing that. I believe in good old fashioned hard work and determination will get you as far as you want. But, of course, I slack trying to set the standard of success ...What? I can't help if Netflix came out with a new season of Sherlock. Aaha, kidding.

On a more serious note..

This summer was some of the best and most challenging moments of my life. It was awesome because of obviously, Rocky Mountain school of Photography, and actually figuring out my life. I experienced the happiest moments I have ever felt; feeling awake and refreshed. But, the moments that tested me made me choose of who I wanted to be, between who I once was. The old me, filled with no confidence what so ever, is somebody I am afraid of and still afraid of.  The fear of being completely alone and unsupported by the people I hold close, completely consumed my mind to the point where I hit rock bottom. I didn't want to wake up, I didn't want to go out or talk to anyone. I felt like I didn't have to do those things, and that scared me. After the first week of school, I chose to challenge myself. I decided to think positively about not only myself, but for others around me. That's when I decided not to let my fear decide my fate.

As individuals, we need to hit rock bottom, no matter what it means. We need to be faced with the choice of, I can keep doing what I am doing and avoid what's going on, or choose to be better. The struggle is real, I know, but it was worth all of the pain to be where I am at now. So in other words, its good to say, BYE FELICIA.

... Photography, right.

 To me, photography is about capturing images people can't see, and what people are afraid of. I want to go the extra mile to discover the undiscovered. Today, everyone IS a photographer, and its difficult to take a pic that somebody hasn't seen or inspires them. You must ask why I choose  a life of instability, and trust me I am too, but I cant help that being a photographer is one of the most gratifying things I have ever done. I am one of those people that is driven by inspiration, that's probably why I share like a billion North Face videos on Facebook. Sorry for that, I cant help myself. 

For my business, I am choosing to create this motto for myself. It says, "I promise to show love and adventure by inspiring others to do the same." I like it, but it could be the cheesiest thing you have ever heard. But, from what I said here, you can hold me accountable if you see me doing the complete opposite. I wont be angry, Scouts honor.


Makayla F Crist


makayla crist