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The Road Ahead


First off, HAPPY CHRISTMAS EVERYBODY! I hope that you're holidays are filled with joy and lots of love.

I wanted to share a quote with y'all that has really changed the way I've been thinking. Over the holidays, we can get a bit lost; fearing the new year, and not embracing change. But, I wanted to leave everyone with this because we need to remember what we are called to do. I hope this puts a new perspective for everyone going into the new year. It does for me.

Here you go:

"The Call to explore is in everyone of us, but the act is a different story. Many people are unwilling to seek out those places where failure is more likely than success, the places we put our so-called passions to the test.

But we go there. We go to the lonely fork between security and difficulty, because that's where we finally see whether this is just something we truly love or something we just want to fill.

We believe the truest version of ourselves stands well beyond comforts perimeter. This is our quest- to break through, to transcend by doing. Shed skin. Lose blood. Find ourselves gasping for breath and drenched in sweat and still not even halfway there.

Most people prefer comfort in their lives, forgetting that difficulty is actually what nourishes the human spirit. Risk. Fear. Doubt. The Unknown. Now we're beginning to feel the beating heart of experience. It's not necessarily the way everyone would choose to live, but it's our way." 

- The North Face Summit Series

Lets bring this mentality into 2016


Makayla F Crist


makayla crist