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What an Adventure

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Hey, Y'all!

So, it has been awhile since I wrote something on this blog. Yeah, I know... I will say this is going to change, but life happens and writing all my thoughts down for everyone to see--  sounds annoying.  But after my adventure on the PCT, my weekend trips all over the PNW, and jobs that took me to places like Southern Utah, I feel as if I am a completely different human then the last time I wrote. I can officially say that I have one year of running my own adventure/ lifestyle photography business under my belt. And it feels AWESOME!!

What I really wanted to get at to you in this blog post is what I did to get established. On a daily basis, what I did to get my business known. (Well, kinda).

I have managed to be sponsored by my favorite company of all time, work on awesome shoots, hike a month of the PCT (would have been 5 months, but I broke my foot), gain a following on Instagram, and make solid relationships with the coolest people ever. It has been a year full of laughs, smiles, and of course tears/ heartache/ hard decisions. Even with all of that said, it's been the best year of my life. Living from experience to experience, and crazy cool adventure to the next.

A lot of you have been asking me how I've been doing it. Why I live this life full of adventure, how do I manage? And the answer to these questions is simple-- I have no idea. I have closed my eyes and hoped for the best. And I fake it till I make it.

But honestly, I know that I've been blessed greatly. And I would be broke, homeless, and probably very dead without my mom. She's my biggest fan and my solid rock. And I wouldn't be anywhere without her helping me with my business.

I'm going to tell you my year checklist that I either made for myself or just did it organically/ subconsciously. This past year has been the most interesting, and I faced a lot of my vulnerabilities. I think this has been very important for me, and especially very helpful then and now moving forward.

Here it is:

- Find a rock (somebody you can trust to support you, someone that can help you figure shit out when it's confusing- and it does get that way. Or ask ridiculous questions, too. You can have a couple, one, many, or maybe it's even google. Whatever, or whoever you can trust).

- Build solid relationships with people that are either established photographers, striving to be or anyone that would support what you're doing. This could be people that are in the industry you want to get into or just rad individuals. But befriend EVERYONE (well, maybe not everyone).

- Be a yes man (just for a little while). Accept jobs that may be out of your comfort zone, or that are not the best. But make sure that it is related to the job that you are doing. (If you are a photographer, then except photography jobs) Don't be swoon into that cool barista job. EXCEPT if you need to pay the bills. Then you better make it work.

- HUSTLE. A friend once told me that we are working 80 hours a week trying to avoid that 40 hour a week office job. It's true. Get over it.

- Netflix is not your friend.

- Set goals. I don't care if you set your goals low, high, or whatever. Just make sure your productivity is at an all-time high.

- Be a positive human, but be real. Nobody wants your negativity. Especially if when you're making friends. You won't make any friends, except the negative people that you don't need to particularly spend your time with. But don't be fake--  I think the fake happy people that think everything is perfect and show no other emotion, is even worse than the negative ones. Just be genuine.

- Find your happy place. Some sort of release, that you don't need to think about any of this. Maybe like yoga, reading, or maybe even watching some sort of ridiculous show like the Bachelor once a week to get out of your own head. It's very healthy and needed.

- Set yourself up for winning. (If you know that putting things off until the last minute is a struggle for you, then fix it. And I know you know how).

- Go on a trip by yourself. Even if it's camping in your backyard. It does wonders, believe me.

- Swallow your pride, and face your fears.

- Just do it. Nobody is going to tell you how hard its going to be. Nobody cares if you make it or not. Because you have to be completely self-reliant, and that scares people. It scares me.


This has been gathered information that has been told to me by friends, or just stuff I made up in my head. I know it has been a helpful reminder. But I appreciate the feedback. Let me know if this is complete nonsense





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