makayla crist


Home on the Salmon River

Home is where the river is. Or at least that's what I was told.

Growing up, I found myself roaming through red rocks with cactuses for trees. I never wanted to live here after being so used the dry terrain. I always found myself running to whatever was green and wet. Preferably the Washington coast.


It wasn't until I moved away, and ventured back almost 12 years later, I finally saw the beauty of the Salmon River.

I was suddenly a young girl again. Being raised in Challis Idaho meant that we would be traveling highway 93 North to Salmon quite a bit. There wasn’t a lot to do in challis as a 0-8-year-old besides letting your imagination run free, just like the trails we left behind us as I continued on in my adolescent years. I remember glancing out the window around each and every curve of the winding road, wondering what it would be like to fly amongst the sagebrush and underneath the canyon walls. And wondering if I would ever make it to dance class on time. I never thought this land was beautiful. I was always envious of the people that foraged amongst the green lush and the tall trees. But as I got older, I realized taking the road I’ve most traveled on, was more important than the ones I haven’t yet experienced. Because I’ve learned what it truly means to be an adventurer by just exploring my own backyard.

I've heard it over and over again. Know where you're from. And it's never been so clear to me before.



makayla crist