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Shooting with Friends that Shoot too

I spent the day with one of my best friends, who is also a photographer-  Ashley Caitlyn. She has graduated from RMSP in the same year I did. So yes, we are pretty close. And RMSP has a way of bringing people together and creating those long-lasting friendships. So in other words, she's like a sister to me. We have very similar drives and works ethics- and let's not forget about our love to swing dance at the Sunrise Saloon on the weekends.

She is also one of the hardest working people I know, always trying to create new work, and improve her business. I would consider her to be a little bit more introverted until you get to know her. Then her introvertedness turns more into the cool, smooth, badass chick that everybody, low key, wants to be.

We decided to go out and shoot pictures of each other, because one, she needed new headshots, and two, well duh! No need for further explanation. And she just broke up with her BF and wanted to just go create things again, and Missoula winters can be rough. And so easily unnecessary, especially after the warm summers.


We decided to go north near the bison range.

Here are some of the shots we got-

Still in the process of editing- this and three other photoshoots. Yay. but these are my edits.

As of working with other photographers, I let her edit the images I captured on my camera. A lot of people would be like, why would you let her do that? And they would say something along the lines of, that's your work, edit those pictures yourself. But because we are so close, I wanted them to match her editing style. To match her website. I knew going into the shoot, that I was going to give her these images. When it was all said and done,  she gave me photo credit but she edited the images. Which should be said upfront. 

I personally think working with a team or a friend is better than working solo. Because you have more people excited about what you're excited about, only if they see some of the ways you see. People can obviously clash, but working with those people you know and trust, like what we were taught in photo school, can really improve your images. If that makes sense. Ashley got what she wanted out of these photos. And she has done photos of me in the past and has gotten me jobs. So, of course, I would do this for her. And for free. 

Know your work and know what its worth, but also know when to shoot for free. It could be to build your portfolio or to gain experience, or it could be for a friend who has helped you out in your business. Trading is always a good option when working with other photographers. 




makayla crist