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Red Earth in the Pouring Rain

Which is funny because I’m listening to this song by Bears Den- while traveling out of Salt Lake City down to Moab. And it’s pouring rain. Oh, I <3 irony. 

I love Salt Lake. Maybe because it holds so many memories for me. Since I was a child, I would always find myself traveling back and forth to SLC to visit family. And obviously, go to the amusement park and the gigantic dinosaur museum. But I think my recent memories of the city, have made me appreciate the culture and the people that live there a lot more. Haha, I don’t know, maybe I’m the only one who thinks this. But I adore this city and the memories I have here.

I’m headed down to Moab on a video shoot for RMSP, and for other personal work.

I find myself drifting away, thinking of all the shots I've seen of Moab. The ones of people barefoot and almost naked on bicycles or hanging out of jeeps.

Oh, red earth- the perfect balance of sharp and curved edges mixed with dirtbags on bikes holding hobo signs and moonshine. xx

Here are some shots I got in the first couple of days exploring the area.

Briggs 59801--6.jpg
Briggs 59801--14.jpg
Briggs 59801--2.jpg

So for this blog post, I have a Vlog of my travels. Yes, it can definitely be more on the more stupid side of things, but- I had so much down there, I wanted to put something together. So instead of my grammatical error filled words that I throw together in another blog post- here are some over exsposed visuals instead. Cheers!

makayla crist