makayla crist
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Commercial Videography


Rocky Mountain School of Photography

My experience at RMSP, and how I evolved into who I am today.

Bob Wards Outdoors

 Collaboration with Bob Wards Outdoors for a 2018 Hunting Ad.

Rocky Mountain School of Photography

RMSP new Professional Intensive program's launch video.

Bob Wards Outdoors

Collaboration with Bob Wards Outdoors for a 2018 Spring ad.



Pacific Crest Trail Inspiration Project

Being a 19 year old, woman Photographer, it is my job to show adventure by inspiring others to do the same. By creating awareness though social media platforms and blogging, the goal for this trip is to show young women from all backgrounds, the basis of embracing vulnerability, stepping out of all comfort zones, and finding peace within themselves. This trip will not only convey my journey of finding confidence and facing a huge fear of mine, but will also show the emotional roller-coaster of hiking the PCT.

The idea of my journey was to always strive for growth within who I am, knowing we were all born dependent and vulnerable. Every step I will take will be a crucial factor in learning about independence, and standing proud for the person I will become. Being an athlete, I always knew how to get to that place where I can decide weather of not to keep going. This trip is designed for that purpose; to find strength within the human spirit.

Single Shot Videos

Winter's slow exponential fade-out over Flathead Lake, MT.

Such a peaceful elegance to casting I've never noticed before