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Day 10 | The Trek Moving Forward

Day 10 | The Trek Moving Forward

We woke up to the sound of rain. I got up early, or what I thought was early, and I noticed that everybody was already on the trail except Hatch and I. So we decided to start hiking together. We started to climb this 4 mile section, and stopped a couple times so I could catch my breath. We talked and talked for hours while we hiked. I was telling him about my family, especially about my mother. I didn't realize how much she did for me until I left home for this journey. Tears started rolling down my face, as I told him how great she is. It's only been 10 days out here, but it already feels like 10 weeks. I miss her and everybody else. This hit me because I never thought 2600 mile walk would break me down this much. But here I am again. I watch myself hiking in the reflections of the pools of water as I go by. It hasn't hit me this hard before. But I know the tears are tears of joy because this is where I am supposed to be.



We started hiking down for almost 12 miles, and we met Snail and Ginger at the bottom of the mountain. We picked a camp site 8 miles away, and started trekking forward.

We stopped at this wooden bridge that is bigger than the normal bridges we usually cross. We had 5 miles left and it was only 3pm. So we stopped and starting stretching out our very sore muscles.


By the time we got to camp, it was about 5:30, and we noticed the big day ahead of us. We were on page 7 of Washington Section K, and the next page looked like a huge bitch. It was about 100 switch-backs all the way up and all the way down, 4 times. I cried on the inside and outside hearing that.


Since we had time, I decided to interview the girls about the reasons for doing the trail. I asked Snail first. Her story was impeccable. She lived a life with disabilities. Her whole life. Sometimes couldn't make it out of bed. Couldn't walk. And now she's here, hiking the PCT. Averaging 25 miles a day. Who on earth could do that? I for sure couldn't. The inspiration behind what drives her, is only a mirror image of who she actually is. She is a strong individual who will only get stronger and stronger with more trials and tribulations that life throws at her. I couldn't believe what I heard. I cried like a baby. A big baby. She is an amazing Human being.

Ginger was next. She grew up hiking and lived a very outdoorsy life, and hiked part of the PCT, and other trails before. She can average 30 miles a day no problem. I have never met a more badass individual. It seems like she has no pain tolerance, and after she told me her story, I don't think she does.


These girls struck something in me. It was fire. a burning passion that will stay ignited through this whole journey. And I have never felt more happy than I am now.


Until tomorrow-



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