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PCT | Solo Sobo

Day 11 | Page 8

Page 8 of WA section K. That's all I need to say.

We started our day early knowing we had so many switchbacks ahead of us. About 100 up and 100 down. If we get an early start, we could possible get this section over with. we had about 4 sets of those switch backs. I had no idea why or how we will get through them.

This day was my breaking point.

I started good, energized, and excited for the beauty to come. Positivity was key, and I told myself that 1000 times in the first hour.

I couldn't keep it up. About 12 miles up and down this bitch of a mountain, I started to cry and doubting myself. It snuck up on me quietly but suddenly.

I was at the most pristine Glacial Lake I've ever seen. And I fell to my knees. Crying, sweat dripping from every part of me, and only realizing I'm not even halfway there. My mind and body were screaming at me. Telling me to quit, and this effing sucks. I looked at Hatch, only to realize that I need to keep going, So I did.

I didn't listen to whatever I was saying to myself, because I knew my own thoughts wouldn't help me --but my inner being could pull through. So I shut myself up, and continued in silence.

.. We finished, not exactly knowing how that happened. It was all a blur after the lake. We ended up running the last 4 miles down to the campsite. I couldn't take my eyes off my feet. Ended up realizing that I am paralyzing myself by not taking it all in. I am here to show this beautiful place. and I cant even find the strength to pick up my camera.

I cant write anymore. My bed is calling, and I must go.





makayla crist