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Day 12 | Epiloge to Page 8

^ My favorite title yet.

We woke up, the same as the last three days, all tired and eager.

If we hike, 26 miles today, we will be out of this section. And we will be at Steven's Pass (AKA Hiker Heaven at the Dinsmore's) And that means Burgers and fries and pizza galore. I hiked alone today, listening to music, and tried to breathe in what happened yesterday. Every step I took didn't feel as if I was getting anywhere. I took a couple of pictures that I didn't like. Which then I realized why the hell am I doing this. I'm here to take pictures and to be a photographer. I need to go on my own damn pace, and enjoy the process. ( I hate the word process, but it works well in this case). I'm done trying to be down on myself, and I'm here to be happy. The last 6 miles I ended up getting service on my phone, and After 4 and half days without my phone was pretty incredible considering its me. So I called my mom, and told her everything. I called my sister. I called my friend Ashley. I checked facebook, and realized that everybody thought I was dead or something. Haha. There was so much encouragement and love from everybody that I cried and called my mom again. I was about 2 miles from the pass, and realized I haven't stopped hiking for about 14 miles. Not even for water. I cried to my mom telling her I cant do this. I'm giving up. She was trying to talk sense into somebody that was dehydrated, blistered feet, and a complete crazy person. She was looking at the map, and told me I have 1 mile to go until food. I started walking faster than I have before, and cried when I saw the sign.

That was is it. I got there, picked up my package, and ate and drake with the others, until I couldn't.



makayla crist