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Day 12 | The Epilogue to the Epilogue

As I hitchhiked with Snail and Ginger to the Hiker Haven, we were picked up by a really awesome guy with an awesome story. Its funny how hitchhiking can change someone's whole life. It defiantly changed how I think about things. There is something so freeing about putting trust in someone that you have never met. Scary definitely. But satisfying, like you have hope in the world again. I'm not saying go be careless, but go be smart, and hitchhike with a purpose.

we got dropped off a mile before we were supposed to and ended up walking another mile. Ugh, you have no idea how my insides turned at the thought of walking another mile.  I was basically throwing up at the thought.

Anyways we finally got to the Haven, but let me tell you, it was more like Heaven. Seriously---- Free bed, free shower, free movies to watch, and free laundry!! Like OMG is this really happening RN?!?!?

Right when we get there, I fall on the grass, and die a little. So many people were there. Some of my friends I met earlier, and just some rad people!! I take off my shoes instantly, and ofcourse I had the worst feet there. They end up treating me for my infection I apparently started while I was on trail the last four days.


This was the best part of my trip yet. All the people, all the good food, I ended up staying for a couple days and hitching a ride to Leavenworth



makayla crist