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Day 4 | Not so Fresh

Day 4 | Not So Fresh

After two long/ exhausting days, today was a little bit different. By pushing my boundaries to the limit the first day, I'm suffering the consequences of my actions. My knee is on fire every step I take. My ankle is swollen. My toes are numb. Yeah, let's just say I should have eased into it. Because of this, my mileage on day three came down to 12.


 Met a lot of great, exciting people on the trail. Everybody is just so HAPPY. And it makes me happy too. Met two younger guys southbounding at the same time I was. They. Were. Hilarious. We kept calling everything lit. After we would climb through snow, it would be "so lit". After we would climb over down trees, it was "so lit". They reminded me of the people back home which was hilarious because they are from Kansas and I'm from Missoula,  Montana. We ended up at the same camp sited for the night. So we decided to just stay together for the next day or so.


After the almost 70 miles in two days, I'm not feeling it. Not so fresh anymore. I didn't know that I would be in this much pain. I'm so stupid for pushing myself that hard on day one. But, A 12 mile rest day sounds good to me for the day.

Today, I'm camped down past Glacier Pass. It's my dad's last night with me. And I have officially given him his trail name. Kent Crist, AKA, "Trail Yoda". I was stoked to come up with that. He literally knows EVERYTHING. He can make a fire in the rain in less than 10 minutes. He can run on the snow when there's a 100 foot drop off. He even has a lightsaber... Haha kidding, but I wouldn't be surprised if he brought one with him.


 Every Turn there is something new to see. I'm really trying to take it all in but it is quite overwhelming. Trying to get the shot, trying to get the clip. It's hard for me to get a perspective on things when my mind is running a million miles per hour. I'm excited to hike by myself. To see. To be present. But the fear and doubt is approaching. I can feel it in the back of my mind sneaking up on me. I can't afford that to happen. So, I'm just going to have to calm the %#*+ down.

 I can feel the emotions surfacing. I can feel my fears coming to life. Through this journey, I knew going into it that the first part is going to be the hardest. The initiation. The first 100 miles. It's all coming together, and I know I'm going to break down, but I know I'm going to stay strong. I have no choice.

 Like in Hot Yoga, be present and don't forget to breathe. That's what I'm telling myself.

(Thank you Missoula Bikram Yoga)!!!


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Methow Pass | Flailing Around

Methow Pass | Flailing Around

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