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Round Two in 2017

So round two.

Here I go. When I left last year, normal life wasn’t the same. I felt this void inside- and it was hard. Like really hard. AndI didn’t want to tall about it or tell anybody about it. Everybody was asking and all I wanted to do was run away and tell them that Ill be going back next year. people wanted me to finish the blog and explain why. But I felt like I failed. And I didn’t want to write anymore. Who would want to write or explain that feeling? I sure didn’t. 


Here I go. Mono infected and a couple pounds heavier. Haha, 40 miles is going to be damn well near impossible to accomplish this year. Especially on the first day. The awesome part about starting again, is that it will be, easier and ill know exactly what I got myself into. 




When I left last year, I never found my home. Especially here. Missoula is great and I would call this place home, but where I feel most at home or have that feeling, is out on a trip or hiking from place to place. Being able to see everything. Go anywhere. 


I cant wait to show you guys and share my journey with you.


My go fund me account will be up again, so if you would like to donate to my hike, and be apart of the experience! It will be awesome.

Click here to be apart!


Cheers Everyone.

makayla crist