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Day Four and Five- Alpine Bro's

I'm naming this Alpine Bro's because of the hilarious, ridiculous trend that for some reason make people believe that your expensive gear gets you to the outdoors.

That you are what you wear. That your Patagonia head to(expensive)toe look will make you grow wings and fly up to the top of the mountain. Not you personally, but your outfit will. That you have to have the latest Big Agnes tent, or that cute red bandana that has a map of Yellowstone on it. Because maybe, just maybe, it will at least make you look cute when you're drenched in sweat, and crying because you actually really hate the outdoors. I can guarantee that after you hike from one place to another, that a tarp and a space blanket actually make sense. I am not saying that all of this gear is bad by any means, because it's pretty cool and some of it helps. But don't look at someone's Fred Meyer tent, and think you're more qualified to be outside. Because I'll wear my 6 dollar Walmart hiking shirt, and kick your ass up that 40 mile mountain any day of the week.

I say this because, at the end of the Stevens pass to Snowqualmie section, I ran into Snow lake, Which is a pretty popular hike for the Seattle and Western Seattle folk. I saw people looking at us weird, and completly forgetting the trail courtesies. I saw people dressed to the hilt, for this 3 mile hike. It was high school all over again. I looked at Huds, and and he felt it too. We just hiked in some of the worst terrain, and 1 hour before that, I was crying because I thought I read the maps wrong.. And that 2000 ft of elevation gain was actually 4000 ft. Nobody understands what a thru hike is until they put themselves in that vulnerable situation. One person asked if we did another three miles up to the other lake, and we said we came from Canada, but most recently we came from Stevens pass. And they looked at us like we were crazy. And then they commented that they want to do the same thing. We laughed quietly to ourselves, realizing that they really don't want to do this. It's a great story, when you tell people what you did, but doing it is a completely different story. That it's not about what your accomplish or how you look while your doing it. I guess I've been surrounded in this world of Instagram, and the high expectations of millennials- Girls have to be perfect, and boys have to have everything. It sucks, quite honestly. All of it. Hiking, young judgmentals, alpine bros and babes that think, hiking every other weekend makes you an athlete. Im all for people getting outside, and feeling the fresh air. But this trend of a outdoor popularity contest, is really getting old. This is why I have sworn off Patagonia hats.

A lot of what I am writing is negative. Trust me, I'm not trying to be negative. Im a pretty positive person. Always challenging myself. Thats why I am challenging myself to stand up and speak what is really going on.


We made it out, and stayed in Seattle for a couple of days. And let me tell you, being out in the woods away from people, makes coming back hard. And easy. Easy because you can come back with a renewed mind. Hard because you're friends don't get it. They think you grow wings, and suddenly you're done. 

It's like- No,I really put on 40 pounds and climbed three times the size of the mountains back in Missoula.

But yet, I find myself missing all of the dumb shit back home.




makayla crist