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Day 30 Because I Am Lame- The Trekk

So here I am again. Contemplating my very apparent fear, of not knowing what to do. 



I've finished all of WA on the PCT. I took a break in Portland, then went back to Missoula to shoot a wedding, get my passport, AND BUY A FREAKING VAN. Yes, I took a break from the trail, yes people don't like that when they see me back in town. Probably because they al secretly want me to leave. Haha, kidding! I was gone for a month and a half. Calm down everybody. Let's just be friends.


Right now, I'm in Missoula trying to finish the wedding photos and work on the van a little bit. Ive decided to change the direction of my journey. I'm going to be hiking the OCT (Oregon coast trail) for my remaining time in Oregon. Most of the PCT in Oregon is closed because of fires and smoke. The air quality is so bad, asthma attacks are on the regular. So I've decided to go coastal. 🏄🏻‍♀️ I mean, who wouldn't want to go coastal. 


My plan is to try to make it to the sierras, but by the looks of it, I won't make it in time for the snow to hit. So, I will have to continue California next April. Which is okay for me because, I've already decided to do each state in their own separateyear. My main goal is to see how the trail has changed in three years. With trail life, politics, and people. Why people leave.

makayla crist