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Day Five and Six- Sleepless in Seattle

No really.


I'm restless. And I'm torn between staying with my sister for a couple of days, or heading out. She's wanting me to stay, and I know things aren't good for her. You know how everybody has their issues? Ya, my sister has her own. And they suck. Things aren't good.  And I can't say or do anything. So I decided to stay. And be there. I can't believe the shit some people go through. And she's one of the strongest, most opinionated person I know. 

I think I've never been more ready to head out onto the trail. Into the wilderness. To let of of this go. I can't fix, or break anything. I know that this is sad post, but it's real.


Long nights, crying at 2am. Stretches of highways, yelling and screaming. But never fully giving in. She needs me but, we're both Crist sisters. We don't get emotional. We're to stubborn to cry in front of each other. I wish it was different. Anger is destroying our relationship. And I don't know what to do.

But All I can do is probably leave as soon as I can.



makayla crist